Winter Solar Systems

The cold weather can impact our comfort at home and strain our buildings. We then run to our thermostats and space heaters to warm us up, increasing our energy usage and electricity bill.

Whenever there is an increase in energy demand, this puts additional pressure on the power grid, resulting in higher costs for generating and delivering power.

Quick Winter Energy Consumption Stats


increase in energy consumption during winter months


per day used by electric furnaces

31 cent

per kWH increase over 7 years

A solution to lower your heating and electrical costs this winter is to have Badger Electrical Management install solar panels in your home or business. 

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Installing solar panels this winter will keep money in your pocket while keeping your business or home warm. Solar panels offset your energy bills by 80-110% and have an 84.8% output guarantee after 25 years.

Even during snowy and cold temperatures, solar panels will keep generating electricity. When solar panels that are optimized for winter performance are installed, homeowners and businesses can potentially reduce their reliance on the grid, leading to lower electricity bills during the winter months. Solar is a smart choice, regardless of the weather.

Badger Electrical Management is your trusted solar energy expert. We provide custom-designed and installed solar systems to optimize energy production, even in cold climates like Alberta.

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