Custom Electrical Systems for Your Commercial Business

Whether you are constructing a new building or updating an existing retail location to meet your needs, you must ensure you implement an electrical system that keeps your commercial business safe and efficient. 

At Badger Electrical Management, we understand that every commercial establishment has specific requirements when it comes to electrical systems. We specialize in creating customized commercial electrical solutions that deliver cost savings and high safety standards for your business. Our team of qualified electricians is dedicated to designing, installing, and maintaining custom electrical systems.

As a full service electrical company, we have the expertise and resources to handle complex projects. We work closely with external engineers and professionals to provide design-build services, overseeing the electrical installation process and managing all aspects of your electrical system. Our dedicated project management team ensures seamless coordination, timely execution, and following to the highest standards.


Our custom commercial electrical services include:

  • New construction - design, plan, and diagram electrical systems
  • Office renovations
  • Commercial kitchen renovations
  • Outdoor/indoor lighting upgrades
  • Electrical system maintenance

Contact Badger Electrical Management today to create a customized electrical system solution for your commercial building.

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When you choose Badger Electrical Management for your commercial electrical needs, you can expect:

Customized Solutions:
We understand that your business is unique, and we tailor our electrical systems to meet your specific requirements, focusing on cost savings and safety.

Expertise and Experience:
Our team of qualified electricians bring our industry knowledge and practical experience to every project.

Reliability and Efficiency:
We leverage the latest technology and follow industry best practices to deliver electrical systems that are reliable, energy-efficient, and compliant with all regulations.

Comprehensive Services:
From new constructions and office renovations to commercial kitchen upgrades and lighting enhancements, we offer a wide range of services for all your commercial electrical needs.

Proactive Maintenance:
Our maintenance services help you avoid costly downtime by identifying and resolving potential issues before they become major problems. We keep your electrical system running smoothly and efficiently.