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Electrical & Solar

If a conventional electrical system does not improve efficiencies and your electrical bill, Badger Electrical Management can design, install and maintain customized electrical and solar systems so you can cut down on your operational costs, increase safety, and be more environmentally friendly.

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Become More Efficient & Environmentally Friendly With New Electrical Systems

Whether you are constructing a new building or need to update your existing facility, a well-structured electrical system can make a big impact on your business and the environment. Badger Electrical Management can develop a customized electrical solution for you to implement cost savings and safety. Badger’s qualified and reliable team of electricians can design, install and maintain electrical systems for commercial, industrial and ag businesses like yours. We can also assist with construction oversight and project management.

Badger Electrical Management also specializes in designing and installing solar systems to help you cut down or even eliminate your electric bill while meeting or exceeding environmental standards.

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Why Solar?

Quick Solar
System Stats

Solar Benefits

offset on your energy bills
output guarantee after 25 years
potential property value increase
fewer CO2 emissions than coal burning energy

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Kilowatts Installed


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