Custom Electrical Systems for Industrial Buildings

We understand safety and efficiency are a priority for your industrial business’s electrical system. You may also be looking for an environmentally friendly system and to save on operational costs.

Badger Electrical Managements can design, install, and maintain large and complex electrical systems to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your industrial facilities. Our team of highly trained electricians specializes in providing customized solutions for all your industrial electrical needs.

From new construction projects to installing and maintaining motor/pump systems, electrical components, lighting, and more, we offer a wide range of services tailored to meet the specific requirements of your industrial operation.


Our custom industrial electrical services include:

  • Complete new construction electrical system design and installation
  • Motor/pump installation
  • Electrical component maintenance
  • Outdoor and indoor lighting design and installation
  • VFD’s, PLC’s and motor starter installation and maintenance

Contact Badger Electrical Management today to create a customized electrical system solution for your new industrial construction project or renovation of your industrial building.

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When you choose Badger Electrical Management for your industrial electrical needs, you can expect:

Expertise and Reliability:
Our highly trained electricians have extensive experience working with large and complex electrical machinery, ensuring reliable and efficient operation.

Comprehensive Services:
From new construction projects and motor/pump installation to electrical component maintenance and lighting solutions, we offer a full range of services tailored to the needs of industrial environments.

Precision and Efficiency:
We understand the critical nature of industrial operations and prioritize precision and efficiency in our work to minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Compliance and Safety:
Our electricians understand industry regulations and safety standards, ensuring that all our services adhere to the highest levels of compliance and safety.

Proactive Maintenance:
Our preventive maintenance programs help you avoid costly repairs or replacements.